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Experience the rich and savory flavors of the Balkans with our carefully curated meat gift box. Packed with an array of traditional cured meats and sausages, each box is a true celebration of Balkan culinary heritage.

Our meat gift box is a feast for the senses, featuring the finest, hand-crafted meats made using traditional techniques and recipes. Whether you're a meat-lover looking to explore new flavors or a fan of Balkan cuisine, our gift box is the perfect way to discover the best of Balkan meats.

Treat yourself or give the gift of Balkan meat to someone special. Order your meat gift box today and discover the bold and delicious flavors of the Balkans!


What's Included:

B&S Suho Meso 1 lb

B&S Sudjuk

Argeta Chicken Pate

Argeta Tuna Pate

Argeta Spicy Chicken Pate

B&S Smoked Beef Prosciutto 1 lb

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